Haapaniemen Maansirto

HMS is a Finnish earth-moving company seeking to reach out in a powerful way through a marketing campaign that will resonate.

The idea is simple. We want to tell a story of strength and endurance. The dynamics of the earth-moving activity are in themselves compelling so we decided to utilise them to communicate the strengths and values of the company. Machinery, terrain and the ever changing weather conditions are the central point of the story.

For this we decided to use our expertise in 3D animation. This technique will allow us to recreate scenes and situations that real footage could not capture. We believe that recreating the act of land moving in 3D will amplify the HMS message in a very strong and determined way.

  • Client: Haapaniemen Maansirto
  • Agency: Px8
  • Creative Lead: John Salinero
  • 3D Generalist: Ranjeet Jagtap
  • Art Direction: Danilo Schoebe
  • Post Production: Danilo Schoebe

Storyboard, Creative Direction, 3D Production, Post Production

/ 2019