Selected projects


Konstverk is a Finnish art print service that is made by designers for designers. Wanting to give creatives the possibility to print their art in the highest quality possible at an affordable price

Made from designers for designers, Konstverk wanted to express the variety and creative diversity that art prints can embody. We saw the opportunity to do that by creating a whole set of Konstverk logo marks in different styles like 2D illustration, 3D illustration or combining both together and bringing them into life.

The result is a fast pace, dynamic clip for their social media campaign with a total of over 15 micro animations that have been utilized in various formats such as different story campaigns and single post campaigns. Furthermore, Px8 Studio has created visual content specifically tailored for Instagram stories.

  • Client: Konstverk
  • Agency: Px8
  • 3D Generalist: Ranjeet Jagtap
  • Art Direction: Danilo Schoebe
  • Post Production: Danilo Schoebe

Creative direction, 3D production, Storyboard, Post production

Selected projects